BFS Group’s training system is defined by the values that characterize our whole training policy. Our people are characterized by their determination to succeed and advance. For this reason we provide them with ongoing quality training, which is a passport not only to their professional development and but also to the Group’s success.

The company invests in a training and evaluation systemthat aims at satisfying and retaining the best executives. Our hiring policy is based on an updated methodology that aims at keeping excellent relationships with our staff, making them feel safe and confident.

BFS Pass was inspired and created by our human resources department and it gives us the opportunity to choose the suitable candidate after the initial stage of the job interview. BFS Pass is based on a number of aptitude tests designed for our candidates. This procedure secures that the candidate selection is done in a fair and impartial way. BFS Pass includes a number of differentiated tests such as a tailor made interview, questionnaires, role plays, and aptitude tests.