Our people

Here in BFS Group, our philosophy is that our success and development would not be possible without the contribution of our employees. Since our establishment, we have been investing in our people, who are they key to every successful deal and play a pivotal role in our success. 

With this in mind, we choose the appropriate people for our company. We pay special attention to the candidate’s character, communication skills, education, his/her ability to serve customers in a fast and clear way, his/her drive for further education, development and growth.

In BFS Group we are willing to help our people broaden their horizons. Our marketing and human resources departmentprovides them with ongoing education and technological training.

We emphasize on our employees educational level. Thus, a big percentage of our employees is college graduates (42%) and university graduates (49%). As a result, our employees have a great understanding of not only how to handle our technological tools, but also how to successfully tackle any task.

Additionally, we provide our personnel with tailored training for each new challenge.  Therefore our people can feel safe and well trained when they are asked to communicate with customers from different business backgrounds.

Our aim in BFS Group is for our employees to manage successfully each case. This gives them a sense of satisfaction, not only because they have succeeded in their individual work, but also because they have contributed to the productivity of the whole Group,the optimization of our services and our overall success. This can motivate them to set higher goals and grow professionally.