Join our Group

Here in BFS Group, our people are our capital. Our people contact our customers on a daily basis and ensure our company’s efficiency and success. 

We want our people to have a sense of satisfaction from what they do here, to be inspired, motivated and proud of being a member of our group. This is the driving force which in turn inspires, motivates and makes us feel proud of them. Investing in our employees is a top priority for us.

We invest in the development and ongoing training of our people, providing an excellent environment to work and grow, compensation, job opportunities and modern infrastructure. We focus on each employee both individually and as a group and we believe that their success is our success too. 

  • We provide our employees with flexible working hours, embracing a wide range of people who cannot work full time. That is why we provide part time 4hour, 5hour, 6hour, 7 hour shifts and full time 8hour morning or evening shifts.
  • Not only we provide a regular salary for our personnel, but also we reward them with performance bonus to motivate them and compensate them for their successful deals.
  • Despite the current downwardspiraling of the market, our salaries have not been reduced. Instead we keep them high and competitive, proving that we are interested in our employees’ satisfaction.
  • Our employees feel that they work in a safe, pleasant and ideal workplace, with excellent infrastructure and technological support. The development and update of our technological tools has always been one of our top priorities.
  • One of the most significant advantages for working for BFS Group is that our employees’ payrolls never delay. We are consistent with our payroll so that our employees know exactly when they will get paid, so as to feel safe to organize theirpending payments.