Our clients are in the center of our attention.

With this principle in mind, BFS Group grows, develops, improves, upgrades, functions.

We specialize in outsourcing to companies and organizations by providing top-notch, quality Call Center services. We offer our customers a wide range of telecommunication services which mainly aim at selling products and services.

Our collaborations with high-profile companies and the successful completion of subcontracts by both domestic and world-wide companies, have allowed us to enrich our know-how and upgrade our skill set.

Some of the clients that have honored us with their trust are top bank conglomerates, namely the Credit cards department and the Arrears department of the  National Bank of Greece, Marfin bank (now Piraeus bank), Citibank, TT bank, Piraeus bank, Agrotiki bank(now Piraeus bank), Millennium bank(now Piraeus bank). Our collaboration allowed for the grown of their business portfolios.

BFS Group has also collaborated with top telecommunications companies, namely Vodafone, Wind, HOL, Forthnet and alternative energy sources companies, namely Hellas Power, RevmaEna, Heron to market their products and services.

Additionally, our collaboration with major insurance companies such as Eurolife, Interasco,  to promote insurance programs, adds to the wide range of our business activity.